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    News > MyBranchMyHoodMyCity: A Youth Podcast on the Harsh Collection

    This podcast is a collaboration between YOUmedia and the Vivian G. Harsh Research Center located at the Woodson Regional Library. The project at its core attempted to connect students with both technology and archival sources. With that said, My Branch, My Hood, My City is a podcast hosted by teens Yasmin and Alana. It features the famous Vivian G. Harsh Collection of African American History and Culture. More specifically, this episode will discuss the Walter Dyett Collection and relate the importance of the branch to the community and city. This episode will also highlight local teen and artist Cedric, who utilizes the YOUmedia center at the library to produce music.
    Listen to the podcast: MyBranchMyHoodMyCity Podcast

    December 2, 2016 | Registered CommenterAdmin