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    Join the Vivian G. Harsh Society and help preserve the legacy of African-American history for future generations. Visit our Membership page for details.

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    Listen now to the 2013 CPL program featuring Timuel Black, Linda Johnson Rice and Adam Green in an engaging conversation of how the Great Migration shaped their lives and the city of Chicago.

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    To see these archival and VGHS event images in detail, please visit our Photo Gallery for these archival and VGHS Event images. 

    The Vivian G Harsh Society, Inc. Mission:

    • Cultivate the resources needed to grow, protect and improve the Collection
    • Increase recognition and esteem for the Collection through support of compelling exhibitions and relevant public programs that educate an inclusive audience
    • Develop community partnerships and strategic alliances that will act on behalf of the Collection

    The Vivian G Harsh Society, Inc. Core Values:
    We value African-American culture and history, therefore we preserve legacies, encourage the growth of African-American culture and history and educate audiences on the Vivian G. Harsh Collection. 

    The Vivian G Harsh Society, Inc. Promise:
    As vanguards of the Collection, we champion the public’s right to access this potent archival resource of African-American material culture and history.

    Donate to The Vivian G. Harsh Society, Inc., and help preserve the legacy of African-American history for future generations. 

    The Harsh Society is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. Donations to the Society are tax deductible as charitable contributions in accordance with the law but may also be deductible as a business expense – check with your tax advisor.